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    來源: 安徽省宣城市2016-2017學年高二下學期期末調研測試英語試題 Word版含答案.doc

    Up to 60 Shanghai maths teachers are to be brought to England to raise the UK maths teachers’ standards, in an exchange arranged by the Department for Education. The announcement comes as a campaign that is launched to raise adult maths skills. A survey of 2,300 adults for the numeracy campaign found that over a third thought their level of maths had held them back. An accompanying economic analysis said that a lack of maths skills cost the UK 20 billion pounds per year.

    The plan to bring 60 English - speaking maths teachers from Shanghai is an attempt to learn from a city that has been the top performance in the OECD’s Pisa tests. The OECD says that children of poor families in Shanghai are on average better at maths than middle class children in the UK. The Shanghai teachers, expected to arrive from the autumn, will help share their teaching methods, support pupils who are struggling and help to train other teachers.

    “ We have some smart maths teachers in this country but what I saw in Shanghai - and other Chinese cities - has only strengthened my belief that we can learn from them,” said education minister, Elizabeth Truss, who has recently visited Shanghai, accompanied by head teachers from England. “They have a can - do attitude to maths - and I want us to match that, and their performance.” She stressed the economic significance of raising maths standards, for individuals and the country. ‘‘As part of our long term economic plan, we are determined to drive up standards in our schools and give our young people the skills they need to succeed in the global race. Good maths qualifications have the greatest earning potential and provide the strongest protection against unemployment,” said Elizabeth Truss.

    32. Poor maths skills have caused serious        consequences in England.

    A. academic                       B. economic                       C. culture                                  D. political

    33. What is the main reason for Shanghai teachers’ success in maths teaching?

    A. Their students are from poor families.

    B. Their students have a talent for maths.

    C. They have a positive attitude to teaching.

    D. They teach in a highly developed city.

    34. According to Elizabeth Truss, raising standards can be helpful in       .

    A. equipping young people with global competitiveness

    B. promoting the students’ international test performance

    C. teaching how to earn money in the global market

    D. discovering one’s maths talents at an early age

    35. What can be the best title for the passage?

    A. Good Maths Skills Are about Hard Work

    B. Why Are English Maths Standards Left Behind?

    C. Why Are Shanghai Maths Teachers Getting Popular?

    D. Chinese Teachers Bring the Art of Maths to English Schools

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    來源: 山西省懷仁縣第一中學2016-2017學年高二下學期期末考試英語試題 Word版含解析.doc

    On the day of college graduation, I told my friends and family the news:I was leaving the country I had lived in since childhood. “I just need a change,”I told them, but there was more. I was running from heartbreak. My relationship with the United States is the toughest one I have ever had, as a country I loved and believed in did not love me back.

    Back in the 90’s, my mother brought me from our home in the Caribbean islands to the U.S.when I was 4 years old. She worked as a live-in nanny(保姆)for two years, playing mommy for white kids whose parents had better things to do. She didn’t believe that nanny meant maid, and did whatever was asked of her. She was thirsty to embrace her American dream, hoping that her children would be educated and she might have nannies of her own.

    Those were our path to get a “good education.”When the neighborhoods with quality schools became too expensive for my mom to afford as a single parent, we went across the United States with Great Schools. net as our compass: New Jersey, elementary school; Texas, middle school; Florida, high school; New York City, private university

    For a long time I survived by covering myself in all kinds of labels so that people would ignore the color of my skin, yet I existed on the edge of ugly, ignorant and uncultured. “Black people don’t really know how to swim, “a white lady told me when I worked as a swim instructor at my neighborhood’s pool. “The black children don’t like to read very much, “I overheard one librarian discussing with another while l sat down reading a book a couple feet away.

    I was never able to make America my home. When I stripped myself of the labels painfully one by one, beneath them there is a wounded colored woman who refuses to be faceless anymore. My face may be disgusting to some since it bears proof that race continues to be a problem. My hope is that it will force Americans to re-examine their “post-racial” beliefs.

    4. What was the real reason that made the author leave the United States?

    A. It couldn’t provide her with good education.

    B. She just needed a challenge in her way of life.

    C. The way she was treated there broke her heart.

    D. She was tired of living in a strange country.

    5. What can we infer about the author’s mother from Paragraphs 2 and 3 ?

    A. She sacrificed a lot to live a better life in America.

    B. She was quite content to work as a live-in nanny.

    C. She was particular about the schools her daughter attended.

    D. She liked visiting all kinds of schools with the author.

    6. The author gives two examples in Paragraph 4 to show that_____ .

    A. how ignorant and uncultured many people are in US

    B. she needed to cover herself in all kinds of labels

    C. the race problem is still serious in the United States

    D. black children often have no interest in reading books

    7. The author’s attitude towards the United States on race problem is_____ .

    A. supportive

    B. positive

    C. neutral

    D. negative

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    來源: 山東省淄博第六中學2016-2017學年高二上學期學分認定(期中)考試英語試題 Word版含解析.doc

    Many children first learn the value of money by receiving an allowance. The purpose is to let children learn from experience at an age when financial mistakes are not very costly.

    The amount of money that parents give to their children to spend as they wish differs from family to family. Timing is another consideration. Some children get a weekly allowance. Others get a monthly allowance.

    In any case, parents should make clear what, if anything, the child is expected to pay for with the money.

    At first, young children may spend all of their allowance soon after they receive it. If they do this, they will learn the hard way that spending must be done within a budget. Parents are usually advised not to offer more money until the next allowance. The object is to show young people that a budget demands choices between spending and saving. Older children may be responsible enough to save money for larger costs, like clothing or electronics.

    Allowances give children a chance to experience the things they can do with money. They can share it in the form of gifts or giving to a good cause. They can spend it by buying things they want. Or they can save and maybe even invest (投資) it.

    Saving helps children understand that costly goals require sacrifice: you have to cut costs and plan for the future. Requiring children to save part of their allowance can also open the door to future saving and investing. Many banks offer services to help children and teenagers learn about personal finance. A savings account is an excellent way to learn about the power of compound interest (利息). That may not seem like a lot. But over time it adds up.

    28.  Parents give their children allowance to ________.

    A. show off their wealth               B. let them make more money

    C. let children manage family finance    D. learn the value of money

    29.  Why are parents advised not to offer young children more money in advance?

    A. To show them how to make a budget.

    B. To save money for larger costs.

    C. To let children make fewer mistakes

    D. To give them more allowance next time.

    30.  What can we learn from the last paragraph?

    A. Children need not save their allowance.

    B. Saving can help children plan future finance.

    C. Children can buy everything with their allowance.

    D. All children must have a savings account.

    31.  The author intends to ________.

    A. make parents aware of the children’s allowances

    B. show the methods of investing

    C. give advice on how to save money

    D. introduce the advantages of allowances

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    來源: 內蒙古集寧一中2015-2016學年高二下學期第二次月考英語試題 Word版含解析.doc

    Today, we are told, children don’t spend enough time in the fresh air. Many of them are addicted to screen on a computer or a TV---they seem to be living in a virtual world. They have lost touch with nature.

       But now 400 organizations in the UK, from playgroups to the National Health Service, are encouraging children to have some “wild time”. They want kids to swap at least 30 minutes of watching TV or playing computer games for time playing outside. Activities such as building dens, climbing trees, rummaging for conkers and playing hide and seek are just some of the things kids can do. Even if they live in a city, they can go on adventures in the garden or the park.


    Children often need a helping hand from mom and dad. They need to be shown what to do and where to go. Andy Simpson from National Health Service says, “We want parents to see what this magical wonder product does for their kids’ development, independence and creativity, by giving wild time a go”.

       So despite the complicated world that young people grow up in now, it seems that going back to basics and experiencing “nature’s playground” is what modern children need. David Bond from Project Wild Thing says, “We need to make more space for wild time in children’s daily routine, freeing this generation of kids to have the sort of experiences that many of us took for granted”.

       This might sound a bit old fashioned to you or maybe, like me, it’s made you think about sticking on your boots, getting outdoors and reliving your childhood. There is no age limit on enjoying yourself!

    13. What is the best title of the text?

    A. Wild time for children

    B. Benefits of wild time

    C. More space for children 

    D. Adventures of children

    14: Children are encouraged to do the following activities except____________.

    A. building dens                        B. climbing trees

    C. playing hide and seek                D. watching TV

    15. According to Andy Simpson, we know that_____________.

    A. wild time is hard to design

    B. wild time is beneficial to children

    C. parents know the importance of wild time

    D. parents like keeping their children indoors.

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    來源: 四川省三臺縣塔山中學2016-2017學年高二5月月考英語試題 Word版含答案.doc

    Students who say they never or hardly ever used dictionaries may speak English well but usually write poorly, because they make many mistakes.

    The students who use dictionaries most do not learn especially well either. The ones who look up every new word do not read fast. Therefore they do not have time to read much. Those who use small two-language dictionaries have the worst problems. Their dictionaries often give only one or two words as translations of English. But one English word often has many translations in a foreign language and one foreign word has many translations in English.

    The most successful students are those who use large college edition dictionaries with about 100,000 words but do not use them too often. When they are reading, these students first try to get the general idea and understand new words from the context. Then they reread and use the dictionary to look up only key words that they still do not understand. They use dictionaries more for writing. If they are not sure how to spell a word, they always use a dictionary. Also, if they think a noun might have an unusual plural(復數) form, they check this in a dictionary.

    28. The writer thinks that ___________.

    Achoose a good dictionary, and you’ll be successful in learning English

    Bdictionaries are not necessary to the students who learn English

    Cit is very important for students to use good dictionaries properly

    Dusing dictionaries very often can’t help to improve writing

    29. According to the passage, which of the following is WRONG?

    ADictionaries have little effect on learning to speak English.

    BWhatever new words you meet while reading, never use dictionaries.

    CSmall two-language dictionaries have serious shortcomings.

    DReading something for the first time, you’d better not use dictionaries.

    30. When in the reading does the writer advise students to use a good dictionary?

    AAt the beginning of the reading                  BAt the end of the reading

    CDuring the first reading                            DAfter the first reading

    31. This passage mainly tells us __________.

    Athat students shouldn’t use small two-language dictionaries

    Bwhat were the shortcomings of small two-language dictionaries

    Cwhy students should use large college edition dictionaries

    Dwhat dictionary students should choose and how to use it 

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    來源: 寧夏銀川一中2017屆高三下學期四模考試英語試題 Word版含答案.doc

    Students and teachers at a Los Angeles high school missed their lunch break after a mountain lion walked into the school and tried to join them.

    “The big cat was seen to walk across the schoolyard at John F. Kennedy High School shortly after noon on Friday. Instead of sitting down to eat, students and teachers quickly hid themselves in classrooms and called the police. The police sealed off the area until a wild animal expert could arrive and knock the animal out with a couple of tranquilizer darts(麻醉飛鏢),” said Andrew Hughan, the spokesman of Department of Fish and Wildlife.

    When officers arrived, the mountain lion ran into a nearby backyard but quickly grew sleepy and confused after the darts hit it. “It’s on its way back to the Santa Susana Mountains,” said Hughan. He added that the animal appeared to be healthy and about 2 or 3 years old. The department later posted a photo on Twitter of the sleeping big cat that was being taken to the wilderness.

    Kennedy High School is in the city’s Granada Hills section, on the edge of mountain lions’ habitat. Still, it had to travel a couple of miles through a large neighborhood, across a golf course and around a freeway to get there. “Probably what happened was that it was running after a deer, a rabbit or a dog late last night for food. It looked up this morning, saw the school and thought, ‘Oh, oh, I’m in trouble now.” said Hughan. “Mountain lions wander in cities every few weeks, but this one got more attention because it broke the school’s quietness.”

    A famous mountain lion known as P-22 has been wandering in the Hollywood Hills near Griffith Park for some time and P-22 killed a bear in the park’s Los Angeles Zoo last month, but it remains popular enough to have its own Facebook page.

    24. When did a mountain lion walk into the school?

       A. After the students started the midday rest.

       B. After the students ended lunch break.

       C. When students stayed in the classroom.

       D. Before the students had lunch.

    25. What does the underlined phrase “sealed off” in Para. 2 mean?

       A. Warned loudly               

    B. Closed tightly

       C. Protected bravely           

    D. Searched carefully

    26. What do we know about mountain lions according to Hughan?

       A. They seldom leave where they are living.

       B. They once killed many animals in the zoo.

       C. They sometimes do much harm to citizens.

       D. They often wander somewhere in the cities.

    27. What is the main purpose of the text?

       A. To tell readers a piece of interesting news.

       B. To warn students and teachers of wild animals.

       C. To tell readers something about mountain lions.

       D. To tell people what to do if a mountain lion appears.

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    來源: 遼寧省實驗中學2017屆高三第四次模擬考試英語試題 Word版含答案.doc

        Education is not an end, but a means to an end. In other words, we do not educate children only for the purpose of educating them. Our purpose is to fit them for life.

         In some modern countries it has for some time been fashionable to think that by free education for all—whether rich or poor, clever or stupid—one can solve all the problems of society and build a perfect nation. But we can already see that free education for all is not enough; we find in such countries a far larger number of people with university degrees refuse to do what they think to be "low" work, and, in fact, work with hands is thought to be dirty and shameful in such countries. But we have only to think a moment to understand that the work of a completely uneducated farmer is far more important than that of a professor. We can live without education, but we die if we have no food. If no one cleaned our streets and took the rubbish away from our houses, we should get terrible diseases in our towns.

         In fact, when we say that all of us must be educated to fit us for life, it means that we must be educated in such a way that, firstly, each of us can do whatever work suited to his brains and ability and, secondly,that we can realize that all jobs are necessary to society, and that is very bad to be ashamed of one's work. Only such a type of education can be considered valuable to society.

    33. According to the passage, the purpose of education is _____.

      A. to build a perfect world                                               B. to choose a system of education

      C. to let everyone receive education fit for him                     D. to prepare children mainly for their future work

    34. Which of the following is true according to the passage?

      A. It's hard for university graduates to find jobs.             B. No one would like to do work with hands.

      C. Education is not enough to build a perfect nation.             D. University graduates are ashamed of their work.

    35. In the writer's opinion, _____.

    A. all the social problems can't be solved by education 

    B. free education for all probably leads to a perfect world

    C. free education won't help to solve social problems   

    D. education can settle all of the world's problems

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    來源: 江西省贛州市信豐縣信豐中學2016-2017學年高一下學期周練八英語試題 Word版含答案.doc

    I speak Polish, because I was born in Poland. But then at primary school I had to learn Russian, and at high school, I was taught how to speak German. But I always wanted to speak English.

    At last I came to America. Everywhere there was English! But although I heard and felt its presence, it was hard for me to understand it and express myself in it. The few lessons of English that I had taken in Poland gave me only a chance to introduce myself, and I didn’t even know how to buy things and ask directions. I realized that I had to do something to make myself more understandable. I bought a few books and learnt them by heart, chapter after chapter. But it wasn’t enough. A mirror or a wall was a graceful listener, but they didn’t respond. They couldn’t correct me if I was wrong.

    To talk to somebody, I went to high school to take a course in English for foreigners. Disappointingly, it took almost an hour to get through the process of introducing ourselves. Everyone had to learn something that I already knew from my books – the English alphabet (字母表) and numbers. I thought it was a waste of time, so I quit. After a month, I tried again, but this time at college. After 15 minutes of introducing ourselves, a teacher gave us a lecture about the history of English. Then we were told that it was very important to know English in a country where English was spoken. It took three hours for the teacher to tell us this. Again, I quit.

    But I didn’t stop looking for something or someone that would help me to achieve my goal, and I found a tutor from Literacy Volunteers of America. But I still wasn’t happy with the classes. And when it was my turn to give a speech, I was happy to use all the long, complicated words that I had learned from one of my English books. When I had finished, my tutor said “Well, I think I have to learn English before coming to teach you!” This time, the tutor quit!

    21. Why did the author leave high school?

    A. Because the lessons were too easy.     B. Because no one wanted to talk to him.

    C. Because everyone had to learn the English alphabet and numbers.

    D. Because it took almost an hour to get through the process of introducing himself.

    22. Which of the following words can be used to describe the author?

    A. Helpful      B. Patient

      C. Violent     D. Demanding

    23. What is the main idea of the passage?

    A. The author learnt the best language.

    B. The author tested the teachers’ English abilities.

    C. The author struggled for a right way to learn English.

    D. The author researched different ways of learning English.

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    來源: 河南省新鄉市延津縣高級中學2016-2017學年高二(衛星班)下學期第三次月考英語試題 Word版含答案.doc

           Educating Psyche by Bernie Neville is a book which looks at new approaches to learning. One theory discussed in the book is developed by Georgi Lozanov, which stressed the power of suggestion. His technique is based on evidence that the connections made in the brain through unconscious processing last longer than those made through conscious processing. Our experience provides evidence for it. If we think of a book we studied months or years ago, we will find it easier to remember peripheral details—the color, the book cover, the table at the library we sat while studying it—than the content on which we were concentrating. If we think of a lecture we listened to attentively, we will remember the lecturer’s appearance and behaviors, or the computer breakdown, much more easily than the ideas we went to learn. The details of the content of the lecture, however, seem to have gone forever.

           Lozanov therefore made indirect instruction central to his teaching system. In suggestopedia, as he called his method, consciousness is moved away from the curriculum to stress something peripheral.

           The suggestopedic approach to foreign language learning provides a good example. In one of his experiments, the students are listening to classical, jazz and other music when the teacher reads the text slowly or in a normal speaking voice. During the whole experiment, the students have their books closed and their attention is negative; they listen to the music but make no attempt to learn the material.

           Some hours later, there is a follow-up class at which the students are asked to recall the material presented. The students do not fix their attention on trying to remember the vocabulary, but on using the language to communicate (e.g. through games).

           The results of the experiment show that compared with conventional teaching, students can regularly learn 1,000 words of foreign language during a suggestopedic class, as well as grammar and idiom.

    While suggestopedia has proven its advantage, fewer teachers use it. For one thing, the students have not developed the appropriate mindset. They are often not motivated to learn through the method. They do not have enough “faith”. They do not see it as “real teaching”, especially as it does not seem to involve the “work” that they believe is essential to learning.

    32. What does the underlined word “peripheral” mean in the passage?

       A. Less important.                                                        B. Less controversial.             

       C. Less active.                                                      D. Less harmonious.

    33. The author mentions reading a book and listening to a lecture in order to ________.

       A. share his life experience                                    B. introduce the text’s topic

       C. explain Lozanov’s theory                                    D. attract readers’ interest

    34. According to suggestopedia, teachers should help students to ________.

       A. control their consciousness                                       B. appreciate different kinds of music

       C. memorize the details of materials                              D. become motivated learners

    35. What’s the similarity between the two classes mentioned in the third and fourth paragraphs?

       A. They both involve games.                                         B. The teachers teach indirectly.

       C. They both need no textbooks.                                  D. The students enjoy them greatly.

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    來源: 河南省新鄉市延津縣高級中學2016-2017學年高二(衛星班)下學期第三次月考英語試題 Word版含答案.doc

    In May, high school seniors all around the U.S. scramble (爭搶) to get ready for prom. Prom, short for promenade, is a formal dance held by a high school before graduation. It’s an important aspect of American school culture because it’s the last high-school dance seniors will ever attend.

    Prom involves countless traditions. First a guy must ask a girl to go to prom with him. Most guys choose to do special prom invitations in hopes of winning the girl’s heart with their creativity. Then they will rent a suit or tuxedo, and the girl will shop for an impressive dress. On the day of prom, girls will often get their hair, nails and makeup done professionally. That night couples will take pictures, and then they will often take a limousine (加長型禮車) to dinner and to the dance. Several reports state that parents can spend up to $2,000 to give their kids the perfect prom experience.

    The history of prom can date back to the last half of the 1800s. At that time, American universities and colleges organized dances each year for their graduating students. The purpose was not only to entertain the students but also to prepare them for the wider world by teaching them proper manners for men and women.

    Later, high schools took over the prom tradition. In the 1950s, high schools began moving the dance from their gyms to beautiful hotels or country clubs to make the event even more special. Perhaps the most amazing prom took place in 1975, when Susan Ford, the daughter of the country’s president, received permission to hold her high school’s prom at the White House. So far, no other prom has managed to top that.

    28. What do guys try to do with their invitations?

       A. To be conventional.                                         B. To be demanding.

       C. To be adequate.                                                     D. To be imaginative.

    29. According to the passage, the participants in prom mainly pay attention to their ________.

       A. appearances                   B. possessions               C. transportation                D. photographs

    30. What were people supposed to learn from prom at one time?

       A. What fashionable clothes to wear.            B. How to behave around others.

       C. How to earn a great degree.                           D. How to hold a special event.

    31. What can be a suitable title for the passage?

       A. Prom’s Unusual Atmosphere                       B. Prom’s Present and Future

       C. Prom’s Educational Benefits                       D. Prom’s Customs and Roots

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    來源: 廣西欽州市第三中學2017屆高三英語:周日測 Word版含答案.doc

    University the best days of my life! I made lots of friends in my student dorm, went to great parties, joined the debating society... and, well, I did some work too but I must admit that my lecturers were very patient with my tardiness(拖沓).

    It's easy to look back at our university days in good ways but the truth is that when we first arrived on campus, most of us were out of our comfort zone, In fact, a survey of students at Imperial College London has revealed that 3 out of 4 students experience high levels of stress, or a mental health condition, during their time at college. The survey, completed by over a thousand students, also found that 70% of those that experience stress do so at least once a week, and 9% of them feel stressed constantly.,

    Kristy, a student at Exeter University, didn't enjoy her first days in college. She says: "When I first got to university I don't think I'd realized that I'd forgotten how to make friends, I'd been with the same school friends for seven years, and so I was trying to balance social success with academic success while learning how to look after myself at quite at a young age."

    Dr. Ruth Caleb of the counseling service at Brunei University in London has some tips that should make life easier for students before they set off for university. She says: "Certain things that I think it would be very helpful for students to have put in place are an ability to do the practical things of life — to do the washing, to do the cleaning and so on — being able to cook. Budgeting is extremely important in university life." And Caleb adds: "You should learn how to spend time on your own comfortably."

    I graduated and learnt how to take care of myself the hard way. I hope that new students these days remember to acquire some life skills before they make the big jump.

    4.   How does the writer feel about his university life?

    A.    Challenging but wonderful.                           B.    Busy and tiring.

    C.    Dull and stressful.                                         D.    Boring but successful.

    5.   Which is true about students who first enter university?

    A.   They feel as comfortable as they expect.

    B.   They find it hard to manage their life.

    C.   They fail to balance social and academic life.

    D.   Most of them suffer from constant stress.

    6.   Dr. Ruth Caleb thinks budgeting is of great importance because it        .

    A.   helps students put everything in place

    B.   helps students live independently

    C.   makes students' university life easier

    D.   does good to students' social relationships

    7.   Which is closest in meaning to the underlined part in the last paragraph?

    A.    Become very successful.                           B.    Make great progress.

    C.   Get used to university life.              D.   Go to university.


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    來源: 廣東省江門市第二中學2016-2017學年高二上學期第一次月考英語試題 Word版含答案.doc

    When a group of children politely stop a conversation with you, saying, “We have to go to work now,” you're left feeling surprised and certainly uneasy. After all, this is the 1990s and the idea of children working is just unthinkable. That is, until you are told that they are all pupils of stage schools, and that the “work” they go off to is to go on the stage in a theatre.

    Stage schools often act as agencies (代理機構) to supply children for stage and television work. More worthy of the name “stage school” are those few places where children attend full time, with a training for the theatre and a general education.

    A visit to such schools will leave you in no doubt that the children enjoy themselves. After all, what lively children wouldn't settle for spending only half the day doing ordinary school work, and acting, singing or dancing their way through the other half of the day?

    Then of course there are times for the children to make a name and make a little money in some big shows. Some stage schools give their children too much professional work at such a young age. But the law is very tight on the amount they can do. Those under 13 are limited to 40 days in the year; those over 13 do 80 days. The schools themselves admit that not all children will be successful in the profession for which they are being trained. So what happens to those who don't make it? While all the leading schools say they place great importance on children getting good study results, the facts seem to suggest this is not always the case.

    37. People would stop feeling uneasy when realising that the children are talking to _______.

          A. love singing and dancing                B. are going to the theatre

          C. have got some work to do           D. attend a stage school

    38. In the writer's opinion, a good stage school should ________.

          A. provide a general education and stage training

          B. help pupils improve their study skills

          C. train pupils in language and performing arts

          D. produce star performers

    39. “Profession work” as used in the text means ________.

          A. ordinary school work                            B. money-making performances

          C. acting, singing or dancing after class              D. stage training at school

    40. Which of the following best describes how the writer feels about stage schools?

          A. He thinks highly of what they have to offer.

          B. He favours an early start in the training of performing arts.

          C. He doubts the standard of ordinary education they have reached.

          D. He feels uncomfortable about children putting on night shows.

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    來源: 福建省南安第一中學2016-2017學年高一入學考試英語試題 Word版含答案.doc

    My students often tell me they don’t have “enough time” to do all their schoolwork. My reply is often briefYou have as much time as the president. I usually carry on a bit about there being 24 hours in the day for everyone, and suggest that “not enough time” is not an acceptable explanation of not getting something done.

    Once in graduate school, I tried to excuse myself to one of my professors by saying that I was working hard. His answer to me was, “That’s irrelevant. What’s important is the quality of your work.” Since then I have had time to think about the “hard worker” dodge (伎倆), and I have come to some conclusions — all relevant to the issue of how much time we have.

    If you analyze(分析) the matter, you can identify(確定) two parts of the problem: There is, of course, the matter of “time”, which we can think of as fixed. Then there is the problem of “work” during that time. But, as my professor suggested, it’s not how hard one works but the quality of the product that is important.

    That led me to a new idea: the quality of the work. That concept is perhaps best explained by a sign I once saw on the wall in someone’s office---Don’t work harder but work smarter. There’s a lot of sense in that idea.

    If you can’t get more time, and few of us can, the only solution(解決方法) is to improve the quality of the work. That means thinking of ways to get more out of the same time than we might otherwise get. That should lead us to an analysis of our work habits. Since “work” for students usually means “homework”, the expression “work habits” should be read as “study habits”.

    Then, as a smart student, you will seek to improve those skills that you use in study, chiefly reading and writing. If you learn to read better and write better, there are big benefits that pay off in all your studies.

    12. From the passage, we know that the author is ______ .

       A. a poet           B.  a editor          C.  an educator       D. an director

    13. We can infer from the first two paragraph that we students _____ .

       A. have enough time                      B. can meet the president

    C. get something done well              D. should accept the explanation

    14. The underlined sentence in Paragraph 2 means_________.

       A. That is impossible            B. That is not acceptable

       C. That is unbearable            D. That is not important

    15. The main purpose of writing the passage is to give_______.

       A. advice         B. encouragement         C. criticism         D. information

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    來源: 安徽省淮北市第一中學2017屆高三最后一卷英語試題 Word版含答案.doc

    As your high school graduation rapidly approaches,you probably have more activities and events scheduled than you can keep up with.If you have a teacher who has influenced your high school career in a major way,don't let the school year end without thanking him or her for a job well done._36_.

    Design a word puzzle that will amuse your favorite teacher.Does your teacher seem like the type who might enjoy word puzzles?_37_.Discovery Education,Armored Penguin and Helper are among the best sites for giving fresh word puzzles for your teacher.

    Give your favorite teacher an autograph(親筆簽名)book with thank you notes from you and your classmates. Do you have a teacher that is so popular that the majority of students in your senior class like him or her?_38_. Although there are plenty of websites from which you can order an autograph book,a blank journal can serve the same purpose and can be purchased at your local bookstore.

    Give your favorite teacher a customized(定制的)newspaper.If you are extremely creative student who is good with words,consider ordering a custom-designed newspaper for your teacher._39_It is sure to provide encouragement on those different days when nothing seems to be going well.

    _40_Many teachers are used to giving award certificates to their students,but how many are used to receiving them from their students?Dare to be different by being the student who rewards teaching excellence with an award certificate in an official way that will be cherished by your favorite forever.For a quick,free,user-friendly certificate making experience that will result in eye-catching results,an excellent site to visit is 123 Certificates.com.

    A.An autograph book with personal,handwritten thank you notes may be the perfect gift.

    B.If so,why not surprise him or her with a special crossword or word search puzzle?

    C.Do something nice for your favorite teacher every day during Teacher Appreciation Week.

    D.Award your favorite teacher with a certificate of appreciation.

    E.There are several "fab" ways to thank your favorite teacher for making such a huge difference in your life.

    F.The PTA has numerous suggestions for recognizing Teacher Appreciation Week.

    G.This is a unique gift that can be hung on your teacher's office wall for display.

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    來源: 安徽省淮北市第一中學2017屆高三最后一卷英語試題 Word版含答案.doc

    A team of engineers at Harvard University has been inspired by Nature to create the first robotic fly.The mechanical fly has become a platform for a series of new high-tech integrated systems.Designed to do what a fly does naturally,the tiny machine is the size of a fat housefly.Its mini wings allow it to stay in the air and perform controlled flight tasks.

    "It's extremely important for us to think about this as a whole system and not just the sum of a bunch of individual components,"said Robert Wood,the Harvard engineering professor who has been working on the robotic fly project for over a decade.A few years ago,his team got the go-ahead to start piecing together the components. "The added difficulty with a project like this is that actually none of those components are off the shelf and so we have to develop them all on our own,"he said.

    They engineered a series of systems to start and drive the robotic fly."The seemingly simple system which just moves the wings has a number of interdependencies on the individual components,each of which individually has to perform well,but then has to be matched well to everything it's connected to,"said Wood.The flight device was built into a set of power,computation,sensing and control systems.Wood says the success of the project proves that the flying robot with these tiny components can be built and manufactured.

    While this first robotic flyer is linked to a small,off-board power source,the goal is eventually to equip it with a built-in power source,so that is might someday perform data-gathering work at rescue sites,in farmers' fields or on the battlefield."Basically it should be able to take off,land and fly around,"he said.

    Wood says the design offers a new way to study night mechanics and control at insect-scale.Yet,the power, sensing and computation technologies on board could have much broader applications."You can start thinking about using them to answer open scientific questions,you know,to study biology in ways that would be difficult with the animals,but using these robots instead,"he said."So there are a lot of technologies and open interesting scientific questions that are really what drives us on a day to day basis."

    32.The difficulty the team of engineers met with while making the robotic fly was that       .

    A.they had no model in their mind                        B.they did not have sufficient time

    C.they had no ready-made components                      D.they could not assemble the components

    33.It can be inferred from paragraphs 3 and 4 that the robotic fly       .

    A.consists of a flight device and a control system              B.can just fly in limited areas at the present time

    C.can collect information from many sources              D.has been put into wide application

    34.Which of the following can be learned from the passage?

    A.The robotic flyer is designed to learn about insects.       B.Animals are not allowed in biological experiments.

    C.There used to be few ways to study how insects fly.       D.Wood's design can replace animals in some experiments.

    35.Which of the following might be the best title of the passage?

    A.Father of Robotic Fly                                       B.Inspiration from Engineering Science

    C.Robotic Fly Imitates Real Life Insect                 D.Harvard Breaks Through in Insect Study

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    來源: 江西省重點中學盟校2017屆高三第二次聯考英語試題 Word版含解析.doc

    It's common for students to hear the same standard,cliched advice:"dream big","follow your dreams",and "reach for the stars." But Student of the Year judge Alien Ma has something a bit different to add—"be practical".

    The judge knows a thing or two about both big dreams and practical applications,and has seen plenty of students achieve both.

    "We are looking to nurture talents,in this case technology talents,says Ma,CEO of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP). "When someone has this kind of crazy idea or brilliant idea—sometimes you can’t tell the difference—they need to find somebody to help them realize their dream."

    And with all the big and sometimes crazy ideas Ma has heard from students through HKSTP,he says it is important to find a balance between creative ideas and practical applications.And part of this means being able to see the benefit of patience and long-term goals.

    Ma says he sees many students try to get good marks through easy classes,rather than challenging themselves with harder courses that will pay off with knowledge that would be useful for their future.

    "You should be looking out for your future,"he says.

    And for secondary school students,Ma says this means having a broad understanding of the world around them, especially as it relates to Science,Technology,Engineering and Maths (Stem) knowledge.

    "I think a lot of students today have this broad,sometimes international understanding,"he says.Ma sees many strong students using their knowledge to help others.And for him,these are the students that really stand out from the crowd,as they're making the connection between their knowledge and how they fit into the world around them."They don’t just study,they’re not just scholars,"he says."They are good scholars,but also good sports players or good musicians,for example,but they also give back to society.That’s what impresses me the most."

    8. What do the underlined words mean in Para1?

    A. Do not dream big any more.

    B. Realizing dreams is equally important.

    C. The standard advice is no longer useful.

    D. Anyone who dreams big is great.

    9. Why does Ma think students need help in realizing their dreams?

    A. They are short of patience.

    B. They can't balance study and life well.

    C. They are far away from being practical.

    D. They can’t tell crazy and bright ideas apart.

    10. What is Ma' suggestion for students nowadays?

    A. Set a goal.    B. Fit into society.

    C. Begin with easy classes.    D. Take the long-term view.

    11. What kind of feeling does Ma express in the last paragraph?

    A. Politeness.    B. Inspiration.

    C. Admiration.    D. Hopefulness.

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    來源: 黑龍江省哈爾濱市第六中學2017屆高三下學期第一次模擬考試英語試題 Word版含解析.doc

    In colleges around the country, most students are also workers.

    The reality of college can be pretty different from the images presented in movies and television. Instead of the students who wake up late, party all the time, and study only before exams, many colleges are full of students with pressing schedules of not just classes and activities, but real jobs, too.

    This isn’t a temporary phenomenon. The share of working students has been on the rise since the 1970s, and one-fifth of students work all year round. About one-quarter of those who work while attending school have both a full-course load and a full-time job. The arrangement can help pay for tuition (學費) and living costs, obviously. And there’s value in it beyond the direct cause: such jobs can also be critical for developing important professional and social skills that make it easier to land a job after graduation. With many employers looking for students with already-developed skill sets, on-the-job training while in college can be the best way to ensure a job later on.

    But it’s not all upside. Even full-time work may not completely cover the cost of tuition and living expenses. The study notes that if a student worked a full-time job at the federal minimum wage, they would earn just over $15,000 each year, certainly not enough to pay for tuition, room, and board at many colleges without some serious financial aid. That means that though they’re sacrificing time away from the classroom, many working students will still graduate with at least some debt. And working full time can reduce the chance that students will graduate at all, by cutting into the time available for studying and attending classes.

    There is little reward for attending but not finishing college. Students who wind up leaving school because of difficulty in managing work and class are likely to find themselves stuck in some of the same jobs they might have gotten if they hadn’t gone at all. The difficulty of working too much while in school can create a cycle that pushes students further into debt without receiving any of the financial or career benefits.

    8. According to the passage, the reality of college students is that ______.

    A. they throw parties a lot          B. they stay up late every night

    C. they pay no attention to exams    D. they work besides attending classes

    9. What is the indirect cause of an increasing number of working students?

    A. The lack of summer jobs for young adults.

    B. The need of developing social networks.

    C. The chance of finding a job after graduation.

    D. The expenses of high tuition and living costs.

    10. We can learn from the passage that ______.

    A. dropping out of college may not help students get career benefits

    B. students can cover all their college expenses through working

    C. students receive a huge reward for managing work and class

    D. working students are more likely to finish college

    11. What is the best title for the passage?

    A. The Difficulties of Landing a Job

    B. The Struggle of Work-School Balance

    C. The Reward of Working While Studying

    D. The Images of Working College Students

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    來源: 河南省天一大聯考2017屆高三階段性測試(四)英語試題 Word版含解析.doc

    Kindergarten—which means “garden for children” in German—is not kindergarten any more. It’s yesterday’s first grade, or even second.

    A 2014 study compared kindergarten teachers’ expectations for their students in 1998 to today. The differences were striking. In 1998, 31 percent of teachers thought that kindergarten students should be able to read by the end of the year. By 2014, that figure is now about 80 percent. More than a third kindergarten teachers now think that kids should enter school already knowing the alphabet and how to hold a pencil.

    Besides, the researchers found huge decreases in the amount of self-directed, creative play time—dress up, art, sand and water play—and increases in the amount of time students were involved in teacher-directed, whole-class instruction.

    Unfortunately, kindergarten today ignores a basic fact of young children’s development that is well-known by early childhood educators: normal development in young children occurs at very different rates and in very different ways. For example, the average age that a baby starts to walk is 12 months, but some kids start walking at eight or nine months and others at 15, or even 16, months.

    Similarly, the average age that a child learns to be an independent reader is about six and a half. Some learn to read at four, and others at seven, and both extremes are developmentally normal. In the fourth grade, kids who learned to read at four are typically not any better at reading than those who started at seven. Countries like Finland and Sweden do not even start formal academic schooling until age seven.

    We need to respect children’s personal developmental timelines. The idea that “earlier is better” for reading instruction is simply not supported by research evidence. Children’s long- term achievement and self-identities as readers and students can be damaged when they are introduced to reading too early.

    8. What can we infer from the text?

    A. Kindergarten has been replaced by first or even second grade.

    B. Kindergarten teachers have higher expectations for students now.

    C. Kindergarten students’ intelligence has been largely improved.

    D. Children should know the alphabet before entering kindergarten.

    9. What will probably happen to children who learn to read at 7?

    A. They will perform best among their classmates.

    B. They will have difficulty becoming an independent reader.

    C. They will catch up with those who learn to read earlier.

    D. They will fall behind those who learn to read earlier forever.

    10. What should kindergarten teachers do according to the text?

    A. Increase the time in whole-class instruction.

    B. Pay more attention to children’s academic level.

    C. Encourage children to learn at their own pace.

    D. Raise children’s competitive spirit at an early age.

    11. How does the author feel about the present education in kindergarten?

    A. Ashamed.    B. Cautious.    C. Satisfied.    D. Concerned.

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    來源: 北京市海淀區2017屆高三5月期末練習(二模)英語試題 Word版含解析.doc

    College graduation eventually means taking much of your attention in your first job search. This process can be challenging, especially for those students who had second thoughts about their chosen major and intended career path—or those who majored in a field not directly connected to a specific career. If you are in one of these groups, fear not! Although your major, coursework, and academic performance are relevant to landing a job, they are not the only deciding factors on where you can work. So, just how important is your major to your job search?

    Some majors are tied directly to specific career fields. For example, if you wish to become a teacher, you will likely have needed to complete an education program and eventually sit for a licensing exam. The same applies to majors in nursing. If you did not complete an accredited nursing program, you won't be able to take the nursing licensure exam. In these cases, successfully completing a specific major is crucial to landing a job in the matching field.

    Other majors, however, are closely related to career paths but don't necessarily require a degree in the area. For example, students who majored in finance, math, or statistics may also have the necessary skills to be hired as an accountant. Although social work majors are most prepared to provide case management services to struggling populations, students who majored in psychology or sociology can be just as qualified.

    Lastly, there are many industries, such as professional sales, education (non-teaching positions), insurance, and customer service management, which hire new graduates from several more majors, looking for more generalized requirements. They may simply want to know the student has completed his or her bachelor's degree, which demonstrates college-level math and writing, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

    Hopefully, as a college student, you were able to do more than just attend classes. Your non-academic experiences can be very influential on your future career as well. Did you work during college, volunteer, or participate in a club or organization? If so, and if you enjoyed these activities, seek out related careers. If you volunteered with a non-profit organization such as a homeless or domestic violence shelter, seek out positions in social services related to case management or victim advocacy(辯護). You may qualify for a position regardless of your major.

    Although it often seems like your college major alone determines your career fate, this just isn't the case. It may influence it, but there are other factors that influence your career options as well. If you don't know what career options to consider based on your major, talk to your faculty or academic advisor. You may be surprised at what opportunities await!

    47. To be a customer service manager, college graduates ________.

    A. need to have related qualities

    B. should pass a licensing exam

    C. are required to major in insurance

    D. must have relevant experiences

    48. What is probably the best title for the passage?

    A. Major Ups Your Career

    B. Why Your College Major Matters

    C. How Important Your Major Is to Your Job

    D. Major VS Career: Which Is Right for You

    49. The writer thinks that ________.

    A. majors are closely linked to career paths

    B. students of science tend to receive higher salaries

    C. volunteer experiences help graduates get employed

    D. social work graduates have more employment opportunities

    50. Which of the following shows the organization of the passage?

    CP: Central Point        P: Point        Sp: Sub-point(次要點)        C: Conclusion

    A.     B.

    C.     D.

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    來源: 陜西省西安市第一中學2016-2017學年高二下學期第二次月考英語試題 Word版含答案.doc

    I am a good mother to three children. I have tried never to let my profession stand in the way of being a good parent.

    I no longer consider myself the center of the universe. I show up. I listen. I try to laugh. I am a good friend to my husband. I have tried to make marriage vows (誓約)mean what they say. I am a good friend to my friends. And they are good to me. Without them, there would be nothing to say to you today.

    So here’s what I wanted to tell you today: Get a life. A real life, not a desire of the next promotion, the bigger paycheck, the larger house.

    Get a life in which you are not alone. Find people you love, and who love you. And remember that love is not leisure, it is work. Pick up the phone. Send an email. Write a letter. And realize that life is the best thing and that you have no business taking it for granted.

    It is so easy to waste our lives, our days, our hours and our minutes. It is so easy to exist instead of to live. I learned to live many years ago. Something really, really bad happened to me, something that changed my life in ways that, if I had my choice, it would never have been changed at all. And what I learned from it is what, today, seems to be the hardest lesson of all.

    I learned to love the journey, not the destination, I learned to look at all the good in the world and try to give some of it back because I believed in it, completely and totally. And I tried to do that, in part, by telling others what I had learned.

    By telling them this: Read in the backyard with the sun on your face, Learn to be happy, And think of life as a deadly illness, because if you do, you will live it with joy and passion as it ought to be lived.

    21. The best title of this passage probably is______ .

       A. Love your friends                     B. Live a real life

       C. Don’t waste time                      D. Be a good mother and wife

    22. How did the author form her view of life?

    A. Through social experience.              B. By learning from her friends.

    C. Through an unfortunate experience.       D. From her children and husband.

    23. What’s the author’s attitude toward work?

    A. Do it well to serve others               B. Earn enough money to make life better

    C. Try your best to get higher position and pay D. Don’t let it affect your real life.

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